mwah. is a community-based idea.


And our community is our most valuable asset.

The whole purpose of mwah. is brought to life by like-minded people –
people who either want to own or lead, or simply work in, businesses that are absolutely human.

This is the forum for our community to come together to explore and design a way of working,
that works for everyone.

“Call it a CLAN 
Call it a NETWORK
Call it a TRIBE
Call it a FAMILY
Whatever you call it
whoever you are
you need one”

Jane Howard


Here’s how we see the mwah. community working –

We want to connect with you to create a better way of working for everyone. We want to do this by;

Giving you all the information and skills you need. We want you to have the confidence to work with people in a better way (whether you be a leader or employee). Armed with the same knowledge, we can collectively set a new standard about a great way to treat people at work.

Creating a space for your involvement and ideas. This is done through (your) thoughtful blogs, (our) events, forums, courageous debates and outspoken discussions where you can share your thoughts, form opinions and be more outspoken about making work absolutely human.

Getting you thinking about the future of work and what it means for you, the businesses you lead and work within, and the broader community.

Giving you a voice on how we invest, both in social enterprise and in future research. The mwah. community decides where our funding goes so that;

  • we can collectively work with great partners to get more people into work;and,
  • fund research into new ideas and possibilities that or community are interested in.

As you know, there’s lot to be done to get work absolutely human, so we need everyone – (that’s all of you) – to be involved, to make a difference.

Watch this space for more information about the mwah. community every week. And remember, this is all for you. If you have thoughts, feedback, or ideas; we want to know – [email protected]