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Social Media – Designing a Profile Page That Builds Your Online Brand to Ace Social Job Searches – for Employees

Social job searching simply means using social media platforms to look for a job. To use social media effectively in your own job search, it’s important to start building your network as soon as possible. That way, it’s already in good shape, when you need to leverage it.

Out of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is built for professional networking. That’s why, when social job searching, your first priority is to make sure your LinkedIn profile is polished, well-designed – and ready for visitors.

Whether you’re designing a LinkedIn profile page or you’re building a website or blog as part of branding yourself online, you want the hiring managers to get interested in you and keep on reading – not go clicking somewhere else.

To accomplish that, you can use the same techniques UX designers use when designing landing pages for their clients’ websites.

Here are six guidelines on how to make things interesting – and landing the job of your dreams:

1. Nail the headline

In your LinkedIn profile, you can find a place for your ”professional headline”. It doesn’t need to be your job title! Come up with something brilliant that sets you apart from the rest and makes visitors want to read on.

If you’re creating a website or a blog, don’t forget the subheading, either. It’s worth putting in the time to come up with great headlines. They set the tone for the reader for what’s to come.

2. Provide a solution

Don’t start by listing your skills and work experience in detail. Talk about the potential employer and how you can help them solve their problem.

3. Statistics and credentials

Now it’s time to convince the reader of your expertise – through a comprehensive resume.

4. Customer feedback

Or in your case, recommendations. Ask your former colleagues, bosses, business acquaintances or even clients for endorsements and recommendations. It’s easy on LinkedIn, but a few “testimonials” will surely make a good impression on your personal blog as well.

5. Be bold

You need to come across professional, but other than that… Look, the competition is fierce – find your own voice and don’t be afraid to use it!

6. Calls to action

An old sales and marketing classic works in job searching as well. Be sure to include your contact details or a link from your blog to your LinkedIn profile for the employers who want to shower you with job offers as soon as they’ve finished reading your profile!

If you’re bold enough (see 5. above), you could even consider coming up with some kind of an incentive for them to take immediate action!

With these guidelines, you’re sure to set yourself up for success. Your profile should reflect your personality, be easy to understand, offer solutions to the employers’ problems and make people want to contact you. Figure out which elements could be improved on your profile so you can get the job you want!

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