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Asking for a Development Plan – for Employees

You should always have a live Development Plan.

Ideally, it should be one where you manager is really invested and giving you their full support.

If your manager hasn’t talked Development Planning yet, prompt the conversation.

When you’re talking performance, or have a catch up planned, simply ask (in person or via a very short email) “I’d love your thoughts on my development. Would you mind if we add to that our conversation?” If they push back at all, (“not sure we’ll have time” or something similar), you can keep it light by saying “I’ve jotted down just a few points, and I’d love your thoughts. Ten minutes ought to do it”. If you take Personal Development seriously and keep asking for their input, the vast majority of good managers will find time to work with you on your development. It’s a very reasonable expectation of a manager.

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