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Social Media – Avoiding Trouble Online – for Employees

The art of behaving superbly on SM so to NOT get reprimanded or fired at work

With social media being more and more commonplace and people being willing to share every. single. thing. about their lives (especially, when it comes to what they’re eating), it’s also becoming increasingly common for people to lose their jobs over something they’ve posted.

We, here at mwah., only want you to succeed and be happy so, to help out, we’ve put together a few pointers on how NOT to behave on social media and avoid getting into trouble with your boss.

Don’t be racist

Now this – and other prejudice as well – is just common sense and applies to all walks of life. Don’t post anything that can be seen as ridiculing, belittling or attacking another group of people. Your employer does not want to be associated to any of that through you, your posts, your shares or the friends you associate with on social media.

Don’t call in sick and go partying

And then post pictures of you – well, partying. Social media is just that, social. And getting caught won’t reflect well on you in the eyes of your boss.

Don’t post you doing silly stuff at the office

Pranks and tomfoolery can be cool at the right time and in the right place, but not as evidence of you not working like you’re supposed to.

Don’t plagiarise

Don’t claim pictures or texts that aren’t actually yours. It doesn’t bode well about your ethics and moral compass. Always reference the source. Fangirling or bromancing others’ content, however, is OK as long as you give a shout out or tag them.

Don’t bad mouth your employer, boss or colleagues

Just assume it will be shown to your boss someday by someone. It just will.

Don’t rant over your clients

Unless the rant is unequivocally, glowingly positive. This is another one, that’s just plain good manners. As my mother used to say “if you haven’t anything nice to say …………

Don’t post too much

During working hours, we mean. If you’re meant to be working, it’s not a great reflection on your work ethic to keep posting every five minutes.

Everything is not”live or die” serious. Still, we urge you to think twice about:

Setting your Facebook profile public

It just makes the odds of your posts ending up in plain sight for anyone to see so much bigger – including in front of the people you’d rather not know your business.

Liking organisations or groups that conflict with your employer’s values

Depending on the gravity of the conflict, this one could even get you fired.

Posting photos with alcohol

In some professions, party photos can be frowned upon. Just be mindful of your situation.

Using texting language

You went to school. You know that there is a spell check right? Most future employers are usually meticulous about spelling and grammar.

It’s not rocket science, it just takes a bit of common sense and basic manners. Just remember, a little discretion goes a long way.

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