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Getting a Job – Briefing your referee after an interview and before a reference for Employees

Ideally, you will be in regular contact with your referee or referees throughout your job search. If they are a great sponsor of yours they may also be a mentor to you and you may want to seek their guidance throughout your job search.

Whether you have been in regular contact with your referee or not it is essential you give them a call before they receive a call from the employer. You need to be quick with this as the recruiter or employer may call your referee straight after the interview.

It is a good idea to let them know when the interview is scheduled for so they will be expecting your call. You can then call them straight afterwards when everything is fresh in your mind. Be honest with how the interview went and where you think you did well as well as where any weaker points of the interview were.

Think of your referee as your best chance to add to the evidence the employer has to use for making their decision. Once you leave the interview you can’t add to any of your answers but your referee can provide the employer with evidence to help them overcome any concerns they may have.


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Your referee should have a really good understanding of the role you are applying for, why you are interested in this role and why you think you will be great. They should also know what parts of the role you are concerned about; what elements you feel will be the most challenging for you. This way they can reassure you based on their own experience of working with you and they can also provide the employer with the reassurance you are up for the task.

Assuming you have chosen someone you trust implicitly that has your best interest at heart you can be comfortable being honest with them. You should be working quite closely with your referee throughout the recruitment process. Consider them a key member of your job search team.

It is likely your referee has managed a number of people so don’t shy away from reminding them of some of the work you did and some of your bigger achievements. If appropriate you may also want to send this through to them in an email so they have it on hand for the reference check conversation. This is not cheating the system assuming that these are real events from your work history. You can judge the relationship better than anyone but many referees will appreciate you making it easier for them to prepare for the conversation.


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Okay so you’ve chosen the perfect referee/s. How do you brief them?

Tell them who will be contacting them when – every time you pass on the details of your referee you need to speak to them to check back in they remain happy to act as a referee. It is a really bad look for an employer to contact someone who is not expecting their call. It makes you look disorganised. It is a good idea to ask your referee to let you know once the conversation has taken place so you know where the recruitment process is up to.

Tell them about the job – your referee will be able to speak with more credibility if they know all about the role you have applied for. This means you need to brief them on each role you have applied for so they can think through how you would fit and speak to your strengths as they relate to that role.

Tell them how the interview went –after the interview, you will have a better idea about your fit for the role. You may also come away with some concerns around how you met the criteria for the interview. For example, you may feel you have a weak response to demonstrate your ability to work as part of a team. Let your referee know this and ask them to talk about your ability to work in a team if they get the opportunity. Don’t be shy about reminding them of a particular example. They will have the opportunity to decide if they use it or not.

Brief the employer – make it easy for the employer to get in contact with your referee. Make sure all contact details are up to date and if possible provide a phone number and an email. It is a great idea to provide the employer with preferred times to contact the referee. This makes the process easier for everyone and the recruitment process quicker. Getting in touch with referees can really hold things up.

You know intuitively who your sponsors are and these are the people you want as your referees. They will help any employer realise they would be lucky to have you as part of their team.


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