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Policy – Workplace Flexibility

We are a business that strongly believes in and values flexibility in the workplace. We acknowledge that flexibility in the workplace helps us to maintain work/life balance and helps improve the productivity and efficiency of our team and workplace.

Our people may wish to request flexible working arrangements with their Manager. As a business, we will seek to understand such requests and how they may be accommodated in a way that benefits all parties.

Flexible working arrangements can include things like:

  • hours of work, such as changes to start and finish times or condensed working arrangements
  • patterns of work, such as sharing or part-time work
  • locations of work, such as working from home.

Employees can request flexible working arrangements after 12 months service, if they:

  • are a parent or care giver to a child of school age or younger
  • are a carer
  • have a disability
  • are 55 or older
  • are experiencing domestic violence or providing care for a household member or immediate family member because of domestic violence

A request for flexible working arrangements needs to be made in writing to your Manager. These requests should include the type of flexibility you are requesting, why you are requesting it and your ideas around how the business could support the request.

We will respond to your request within 21 days and will seek to support such requests where possible. If we cannot support your request, we will provide reasons why and will seek to work with you to explore alternative options suitable to both you and the business.

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