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Social Media – When an Employee posts “nasty” Comments about your Business – for Leaders

What should I do?

So, this happened.

Tom from Accounting ranted on Facebook how annoyed he is with you and the whole company. Now, you’re not too happy with Tom and you are plotting your revenge… STOP…… stop thinking about the best way to get back at him and start thinking smart for you and your business reputation.

Take a deep breath. Believe it or not, these things happen and you’re not Robinson Crusoe. Here are some coping mechanisms to use before you launch an attack:

1. Take a look at the manual

Refer back to the businesses’s social media guidelines. If you find there’s actually been a violation of the rules, calmly pointing that out to Tom might just be enough of a reason for him to never, ever consider doing the same again.

2. Worry not

Do you have to care at all? When you think about it, it’s really common for people to moan about their jobs. One rant won’t scar your reputation. Of course it depends on the situation, but you might want to just consider ignoring Tom’s post altogether. Maybe he just had a bad day.

3. Get to the root of the matter

So Tom’s unhappy. What about the rest of the business? Have you had lots of similar experiences recently? Try turning your attention away from yourself and to your employees. What’s going on with them to make them unsatisfied with the way things are going? Ask some questions and figure out what the root of the problem is – and then try and fix it.

4. Put it in proportion

If you’ve managed your social media presence consistently and with quality and integrity, Tom’s rant won’t dent your reputation. His negativity is only a drop in the ocean, whereas you’ve posted regularly about your successes, charity ventures and other good work throughout the past months and years.

Our advice is, just relax. Taking your personal feelings out of the equation and keeping a cool head prevents you from doing something hasty that you might later regret. After all, everyone makes mistakes – sort things out professionally and who knows, Tom might just end up becoming the best employee advocate you’ll ever have!

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