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Performance is fundamentally about how we go about doing great work together. It’s about setting expectations and letting people know they’re doing well. Both at an individual level and also across a whole team.

Why it matters to a business

Performance matters to the business because that’s how you engage your team in the work to be done, the customer needs and future plans. It’s where you measure individuals and teams against goals and expectations. In a nutshell, it sets the tone and the standard for the whole business. Everyone knows what’s expected and how they’re going against those expectations.

Why it matters to individuals

Performance matters to individuals because it lets you know what’s expected, what the measurements are, and how you’re doing against those expectations, as an individual and as a team. It’s where you get feedback to ensure it’s all going well, or how it could be even better. And from this feedback, you receive confidence that you’re in good shape, or clear knowledge that you need to lift your game or seek more support to improve. The bottom line is that you know where you’re up to. From a team perspective, it’s about how to have the conversation together, with or without a leader, to make sure everyone is on the same page and able to give their best. 

Why the mwah. signature way is unique

The mwah. Performance process is super unique for two reasons. Firstly, because it’s so simple, and aims at driving great conversations – open, clear and solely aimed at doing some great work and making sure everyone is on the same page. Secondly, it works for individuals and teams. You can simply take the same process and ideas, and move them from one person to the team. It quickly becomes the language of performance – for the business, for the individuals, and for teams – embedded in the culture of the business. 

What are the alternatives?

Most businesses have some form of Performance Management in place. You should ask about this process before you join a company, plus make sure you understand any new process as it comes in. If there really is no Performance Management or Appraisal process, you should ask for regular feedback and keep notes of this feedback as you receive it. You can upload this feedback to your mwah. account so its handy if you ever need it. In the absence of a Performance Management or Appraisal Form in your business, you may also like to take in the format of the mwah. signature process. It can apply to any job or business, and will help structure up a good conversation.   

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