Recruitment- Step 4 – Making a job add that attracts people – for Leaders

Put yourself in the shoes of a someone looking for a job. They are probably trawling through countless job ads on a daily basis. They probably all start to sound the same. What they do have in common is they don’t tell you much about what the job actually involves.

You only have one chance to make your job ad stand out and catch the eye of job seekers.

What is the brand of your team or company? In other words what are they known for and how are they viewed by others? Use any feedback you have seen from current employees or simply ask them why they love working there. These are the things you want up front in your job ad. The reasons yours is a great place to work.

Think about your EVP and about your job ad as not just advertising this role but any future roles as well. If you like this is a window into your organisation for the outside world.

If you need inspiration head to the major job boards like and see what grab your eye.


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So you’re armed with the top things your top performers love about working here. And ideally you have seen some job ads that catch your eye. You know what your competitors are doing to attract talent. And you want your job ad to advertise not just this role but the organisation as a whole. It should speak to future talent as well as customers and suppliers.

Add to this you want your job ad to appear in web searches. So it is important you call it what it is as people will search by this. If you are a creative agency perhaps a creative title is relevant but more often than not the best approach is to call the job what it is. So use ‘vetinarian’ in place of ‘animal lover’. Again think of your job searcher and the key terms they will use in a web search.

Include the qualifications you need. People will also use these to search for roles. If an accountant has just qualified as a Chartered Accountant (CA) they will search for roles that require this. After all this is why most of us undertake study to broaden our employment opportunities.

Now you have the bones you want to lead with the good stuff. Decide on the top three reasons this role is appealing and put those up the top straight after the job title. More than three is okay if you just can’t decide but generally three is around the right number.

They might be anything from the logistics of proximity to public transport to the perks of employee benefits of the career prospects of the role. Your team will quickly tell you what they are and you will intuitively know yourself. Don’t be afraid to be aspirational provided you have a clear plan to deliver or perhaps this hire is key to realising the next step for the team. People go to work wanting to feel part of something bigger.

For a start-up or newer company go back to your business plan and revisit your vision and reason for being. Make sure this is included right up front. Just think everyone will read these first few lines but not everyone will be interested enough to keep reading so make it good.


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Now you have a job ad you’re proud of think about where you will advertise. Step into the shoes of your ideal candidate and imagine where they are most likely to see it. A bartender might be best advertised for in the window of your bar. An IT role is best advertised online.

Ask your most recent joiners where they searched for roles. Think where you yourself would look for a job. Find out where the majority of your recent hires saw their job advertised. Look at where your competitors are advertising. If you have previously advertised roles you will have your own view on the effectiveness of different channels. The good news is many channels are low cost so you can afford to trial some and decide for yourself.


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