a determinedly optimistic group of experts, changing the way work works, with clarity, simplicity and new ideas.

Our Story

Who we are

making work absolutely human.

we are passionate about finding more flexible, more connected, more creative, more human ways of working for everyone.

mwah. Way of Working



What we do

challenge the status quo by providing you with good, fair information on how to treat each other with generosity and openness at work.


Knowledge base 24/7

There’s a better and simpler way to work. Here you have access to knowledge, guides, forms, podcasts and webinars all designed to help you work.



We bring deep HR and consulting expertise, are easy to work with and have a deliberate emphasis on pragmatic solutions that make a difference to people in organisations.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality training allows you to literally see from the point of view of others. We can help train your team in leadership, gender diversity, disability inclusion, cultural inclusion, sexual harassment, bullying


Workshops & Facilitation

We are expert learning and workshop designers, as well as expert facilitators. We can help.



We hold a couple of events every month ranging from networking, webinars & think & do tanks and more.


Speaking & Writing

We love changing the conversation around people and work. It’s our whole purpose! We speak, write and research.


DIY Facilitation guides and Toolkits

We know that sometimes you just want to look after things yourself.

Who you are

We have tailored our offering to make sure we deliver value no matter where you are in your career path.


Original thought pieces and helpful advice on the people stuff. Written by our expert team and partners.


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