From our research we’ve mapped the science of Belonging and now we want to celebrate the art with you. This series shares personal stories about our collective search for Belonging.

Bobbi Mahlab on Belonging

How can you help someone to feel like they Belong? In this episode Bobbi Mahlab, the Founder & Chair of Mahlab Media shares her own experiences and reflects on the role we all have in contributing to creating a sense of Belonging in our communities and workplaces.

“When people feel like they Belong they’re more relaxed, more receptive, they’re more generous and more kind.”

“Belonging is knowing that there’s not one way of being and that you feel like you can be yourself”

Alicia Luong on Belonging

In this episode Alicia Luong, Head of Art & Executive Assistant of mwah. reflects on what Belonging means to her and how it has shaped her personal and working life.

“It’s somewhere you can feel safe and allows you to be the best version of yourself.”

“Belonging is a feeling, it’s a soft, warm, fuzzy, comforting feeling.”

Jordan O’Reilly on Belonging

In this episode Jordan O’Reilly, the Co-Founder & CEO of Hireup reflects on what it means to Belong and how that has shaped his journey to where he is today.

“I think it’s absolutely essential to our wellbeing. Our physical, emotional and even our spiritual wellbeing.”

“Our ability to get out and contribute all stems from a sense of safety and Belonging in our lives.”

Ronni Kahn on Belonging

In this episode Ronni Kahn, the Founder and CEO of OzHarvest reflects on what it means to Belong and how that has shaped her story and mission.

“It’s about feeling safe. It’s about being able to express myself without fear.”

“When we belong, that’s when we can give back. That’s when we can do more than what we’re asked for.”

What does Belonging mean to you? Let us know!

The science of Belonging – The Culture Dashboard

When we belong we are more confident, creative, generous and collaborative. We want to share, because we’re part of something bigger than ourselves. Is there a science to this? A way to measure Belonging?

We set out to answer this question. Now, after years of research we’re clear on the way to measure, map and understand the complex human system, which is organisational Culture.

This comprises of three core elements:


Map what matters at work to individuals and teams in your organisation

Diversity Identity

The demographics of your people, how they see themselves and what matters most

Social Mapping

The relationships and decision-makers that define your organisation