MWAH 2017 was a whirlwind of fun! Here's our year in review!

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What have we done in the last year?

MWAH growing team

In-house we took on 2 Business Directors & 1 Digital Manager in Sydney and Business Director in Perth.
This involved reorganising the office a total of 12 times (although we think Michael quite enjoys it).

Who are these awesome people I hear you shout!
Check out our expanding team here

We also worked with clients across the country to develop their own teams in the MWAH way of working to make positive changes within their organisations.

We honoured National Relaxation Day and introduced the occasional office massage to ensure everyone was happy and focussed on the tasks at hand.

CEO Rhonda Brighton Hall speaking at TEDX

In April 2017 the MWAH Happy Workers Report, researched and published by Curtin University, reached over 23 million people and has been their most popular piece of research to date.  15,258 people saw our CEO Rhonda speak at conferences across the country.
No. of TED X speeches done where the sound recording failed – 1 (that’s’ why you haven’t seen it yet)

We held 2 Think-and-Do Tanks that produced 2 equally awesome playbooks.

No of Leadership events – 33 – Covering our 6 areas of particular expertise –
New Ways of Working, Leadership, Flexibility & Diversity (hurrah for marriage equality), Talent, Culture & Change.

Our 6 Breakfast breakout sessions and 1 Ambassadors evening have been a wonderful way to connect with our close community and welcome new voices.  Despite 95 Bananas being consumed, we think that coffees drunk have topped the 310 mark (and counting).

Amazing people with HR expertise and capabilities.

We have some amazing people working with us in advisor roles, sharing deep expertise and capabilities in their own fields.
We counted at least 117 of them on the MWAH couch and photographed as many as possible so we could create a wall of fame to make them feel special, (even baby Coco).

Succeed, prepare & Connect

We love watching you succeed!

To keep you at the forefront of your careers,  developing positive cultural change within your organisations and preparing you for the future of work we have brought you 85 published blogs,  44 newsletters and an ever-growing tribe of people to which you can connect.

What does our logo mean?

You saw in our logo some interesting things… Mr. Burns hands???
An avocado. a love heart, a Venn diagram, tears, and petals.

To us, it represents our brand and our vision.

Blue – Our ‘way of working’ – if we all worked together in a more human way, we could change the ‘ocean’ that is the way we work now.
“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop’.

Red – Our Community – A campfire, around which we are all included. Coming together to change the conversation.

Green – Big Thinking – New ideas, new growth, new possibilities.

Yellow – Our Partners – Sunshine that shines a light on new ideas and different ways, and helps them grow.

What does out logo mean?
We are flames from a fire
We are the leaves of a tree
We are the suns rays
Team failures and successes

As a team, we have grown, bonded, laughed and worked our socks off.

We’ve introduced some huge office successes and experienced a few failures.
Relaxation days and massages were a winner.  We loved the immersion into the Halloween vibe and whopped with delight over marriages and babies.
We learned that no pants Friday was confronting for some whilst indoor cricket posed too many risks.
Whilst we are all exposed to Dad jokes throughout our lives we concluded that active encouragement is never the answer.

With all the feedback we received from our team we are ridiculously excited for 2018 and are particularly looking forward to the ‘Re-enactment of Popular Musicals Day’ and the next excuse to drink champagne.

If you need to bond better with your team, contact us to learn or find out more about the brilliant facilitation guides and toolkits we offer.

We can provide the glue to cement your way of working together.