We get that we can’t fully get it.
We get that we cannot sit, stand or remain silent – because silence reinforces the system that’s so broken.

Now living and working in the USA (and along with others in the team who have lived and worked here before), we get a little deeper understanding day by day.
But we are far from perfect.
We get that we have our own unique history in Australia – with moments we can’t take back, but can seek to know and understand, and approach with an optimism to work together for a better future.
We know words are a small step – but we acknowledge the deepest hurt.
For us, the way forward must be seeking out more opportunities to listen to understand what we can’t know.
The lived experiences, different to our own. To use our work to build inclusion. Because, we need a future where parents are dancing to Baby Shark with their kids, instead of trying to explain why racism exists or that the rules and systems have been built differently based on the colour of your skin.
We promise to bring energy to this – with two ears and one heart each.

To take action at work, at home, always.