Here is a great collection of Career Development stories from the fabulous mwah. community

This is what you said….


“The best development experience I have had also made me SUPER uncomfortable! I was thrown in the deep end with a BIG project that I had no idea how to run… Let’s just say I learnt quickly! I learnt to listen, how to lead and most importantly, I learnt about the things I should never (ever) do again… This experience was definitely a career shaper for me” 


“The best advice I received is that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you’re absolutely accountable for them, and use them as a valuable tool for learning! Giving yourself room to learn and not mentally beating yourself up is really invaluable, even if it can sometimes be uncomfortable” 


“For me it was being given the chance to step up into a senior role after being with a business for only 6 months. Definitely a case of either sink or swim!”


“For me it was hearing a speech from Lisa Messenger about her Fail Fast methodology. Essentially, it’s about having confidence in yourself and just start doing what you want to do. When you take risks, you learn that there will be times when you succeed and there will be times when you fail, and both are equally important”


“The best advice I have ever received was to focus on developing skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence and learning agility for the benefit of your career rather than just developing skills specific to your current role. Having a successful career is like running a marathon where you need lots of preparation and patience” 


“A boss I used to have did me the biggest favour of my career and threw me in the deep end with a new career opportunity, and it was up to me to either sink or swim. I chose to swim and she was always on the side of that pool ready to help me, cheering me on and getting excited when I got to where I was going (and pardon the ongoing analogy but she also had the life raft ready to throw in if needed  👍). Best learning experience ever….”  


“The best development advice and ‘lightbulb’ moment was to always be your genuine self. For me this was recognising that my past role was not what I wanted, and when I went for my dream role I was 100% my genuine self, and I got the role and I have maintained who I want to be in this role over the past 6 years. Being your 100% self at work means you get to ‘tell it how it is’ both to your peers but also managing up. I have never been in a better place” 

A great group of stories with three common insights on Career Development;

  1. Go for that opportunity before you think you are ready for it!
  2. Great sponsorship and leadership and really important.
  3. Don’t be afraid of failure – this is often where the richest development opportunities seem to come from.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! We can’t wait to hear more from you in the coming months.

Team mwah. xx

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