We’re excited to announce the launch of CareerSwitch, a new career transition and coaching business tailored to the new world of work.

FlexCareers has partnered with mwah., a leading consultancy rethinking people and culture, to bring technology and humanity together to reinvent traditional outplacement services. Headed up by career transition expert Simon Kennedy Jewell, who joins CareerSwitch after almost 18 years with Audrey Page, the new brand brings together the very best of FlexCareers’ FlexHub technology and FlexCoach community with mwah’s deep expertise in the people and culture and future of work space.

Unlike traditional outplacement services that remain largely reactive and are engaged only when redundancies are imminent, CareerSwitch offers a proactive and integrated service model. Simon and his team provide career transition support through all stages of the employment life-cycle. With over 20 years’ outplacement and career coaching experience, Simon is also a counsellor, consultant and educator at the Ethics Centre. He appears regularly as a guest on Radio National’s ‘Life Matters’ program in the ‘Too Hard Basket’ segment, discussing the everyday modern dilemmas and complex life choices experienced by ABC listeners.

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