Three years on from our first ever research partnership with BCEC, the Happy Worker Report remains not only the largest piece of research on this topic ever undertaken in Australia, but equally holds true to what matters most to all of us – yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Again a massive thank you to the fabulous Beck Cassells (Principal Research Fellow), Professor Alan Duncan (Director) and the whole team at Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre for continuing to bring data to the base of the Australian conversation about work.

To celebrate we wanted to showcase some of our favourite moments with the report.


Happy Workers & Unhappy Handshakes  Unashamedly bringing you our own podcast episode from last year exploring the research from The Happy Worker’s Report as well as a humorous look at handshake behaviours.

How Satisfied are Australians at Work? Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall sits in the studio with ABC’s Richard Aedy and explains the difference when it comes to how you feel about work and who are the happiest workers in Australia

Keeping Workplaces Happy  In this interview with 3AW Ideas Factory we sat down with Neil Mitchell to address the Happy Workers Report and tackled what factors impact work – life balance.

Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall getting ready to speak to Richard Aedy for ABC National Radio!

"People work for people – that’s a great start."


Who you work with matters more than your pay packet: Happiness Survey In this article from Sydney Morning Herald we speak to Rebecca Cassells and Diana Ryall on The Happy Worker’s Report.

Why are older workers so happy? In this short read from HRD Australia we look at the statistics and explore the reasons why older workers are so happy?

Guess what makes Australian’s happy at work? (It’s not money) In this interview with Smart Company, our CEO speaks all things Happy Worker’s Report.

The Pursuit of Happiness in Work  This article for Probono Australia explores the key findings from The Happy Worker’s Report.

Australia’s happiest worker is likely to be living in Tasmania SBS News explores the research and tries to pinpoint the happiest worker in Australia.

SBS visits mwah. HQ for an interview for The Happy Worker’s Report. 

“More importantly, it’s what you do, how you are able to go about your work and who is alongside you that matters the most when it comes to job satisfaction”

Other Media:

Workplace Happiness on The Project Rebecca Cassells went on The Project to speak on The Happy Worker’s Report

Are you Happy at work? In this interview with Matthew Tukaki and 954AM Sydney we speak on his radio podcast ‘Second Careers’ and explore Australia’s Happiest Worker.