Recently, we have been speaking to people in this fast-paced world of work and have noticed that many are feeling overwhelmed by the constant demands, problems, and challenges they face. Everywhere we look, we see problems, and it can be easy to get entangled in a web of complexity. However, what if the solution to these overwhelming situations was as simple as taking a first step? In this article, we have decided to embrace the power of simplicity with a reminder that taking the simpler approach can be a more enjoyable option and can also be the best option.

Problems can be complex and overwhelming

On a cold July day, we switch on the morning news, and it is filled with reports of problems and arguments plaguing our world. It’s mostly uninspiring, emotional, and unfun, so all in all not a great way to start the day. We go to work, and we hear detailed discussions about complex and intricate problems that have, just as complex solutions presented in long project plans that require change, investment, and multiple iterations. It’s easy to get caught up in the cycle of piling on the complexity, constantly expanding our to-do lists, and fixating on the negative aspects of the problems we face.

Find a simpler path, and take action

What if, instead of succumbing to the complexities, we opted for the simpler path? It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the simplest actions can create the most significant impact. Rather than adding to the complexity, we can choose to simplify.

When facing a difficult problem, sometimes taking action – no matter how small – can be the key to finding a solution. Instead of becoming fixated on the problem itself, actively doing something can give us the push we need to move forward. By doing this, we can overcome feelings of being overwhelmed and take positive steps towards making a difference.

When it comes to tackling complex problems, the simplest solution can often be more effective than the more complex one. Especially because it can happen now, rather than in the future. If you can make that solution enjoyable, or something you would really like to do even better! Simplifying our approach and making it fun can uncover creative and practical methods for working better, not harder. Instead of getting bogged down in complicated strategies, step back and focus on identifying two actions that can be done in the simplest way possible. By taking these actions now, we can get started and move forward towards finding a solution.

Recognise the power of simplicity

In a world overwhelmed by complexity, it’s crucial to recognise the power of simplicity and the impact it can have. Taking action, no matter how small, can be transformative. By focusing on a few meaningful steps, and making it something we want to do, we shift our energy from admiring the problem to getting shit done!

So this week give it a try. Choose the simpler option, take a step towards the solution, and as always make it fun!