Every month, we’re delighted to host a complimentary breakfast for our community at mwah. HQ in Sydney.

We affectionately call them “BoBs” – short for Break-Out Breakfasts.

The format is nice and simple – Open with an ‘in situ panel’ (two or three guest experts giving an opinion of perspective), then an open conversation across the room for an hour.

We limit numbers to 25 people, and always fill all seats within a day or two of announcing the topic. (Note to self – “Get in quick”)

We choose a topic our Community is requesting, (as we did last week) or a wicked problem that no one has solved (as we did the last one), or we use it to discuss new research (as we did when we released the Happiness Report in partnership with Curtin University).

Last week’s BoB was on Story Telling. The slides are available now to members.

We’ve also loaded up the slides from the conversations about “Development – Owning your own career and human capital” and “Performance – Can we actual manage performance”.  

Look forward to seeing you at the next BoB

Here is the link to the Knowledge Base: http://mwah.live/knowledgebase/mwah-break-out-breakfasts/