Dear mwah. Community,

Well, wasn’t work and business in 2021 a wild old ride! For everyone!

Such a roller coaster! If we look across the global economy and the world of work, it was a constant and often erratic juxtaposition of opening up and locking down, of welcoming and locking out, of massive growth and humbling defeat, of too many hours for some and no work at all for others, of marching wildly in the streets and staying sadly home for months.

Let’s just call it a roller coaster.

Through that, an amazing group of people we’ve had the absolute pleasure to work with across the private sector, government, not-for-profits, entrepreneurs, start-ups, scale-ups, and a couple of monster global tech and science organisations, got up and made things better.
They found the energy and opportunities to make their organisations more inclusive, more flexible, more optimistic, more disruptive, more measured, kinder, more open, and above all, absolutely more human.

We wanted to say Thank You.

So, we came up with the only thing you really need right now.
Not a gift (that won’t make it in the post). Not travel (that might be canceled). Not alcohol (because you’ve had enough already :D). Not clutter (because you just spent all of lockdown ‘minimalising’).

Instead, we giving you Permission. Yep, that’s the gift.

Permission to hop off the roller coaster, walk over to the Lazy River Ride, grab a giant inner tube, and just let the momentum we’ve all worked so hard to create all year, float us across the line til New Year.

You don’t have to bask or reflect or plan or even get ready.
Just float over the line.

And if anyone asks, just show them your Permission Slip.

A Permission Slip saying ‘It’s OK!’ to hang in the backyard, hang with your friends, with your family, with your dog, with your workmates you love spending downtime with, with a perfect stranger you met on a long-distance bike ride. Anyone you choose. Or no one at all. Just hang under a tree or on a beach.

You gave a stack of energy to 2021. Against impossible odds, you’ve done well. Let the soft current that’s left, carry you over the line.

The team at mwah. wishes you a relaxing, refreshingly calm, healthy, and very much deserved break.
May you have a very happy new year ahead.
Stay safe & let’s keep looking after each other.

See you next year.

Featured photo courtesy of BSR Cable Park & Surf Resort