Today at mwah. HQ we had our third mwah. Community Break out Breakfast, where we explored the concepts of owning your own career and human capital. At this brilliant event (thank you to our awesome community members), we discussed the way things work now, and how they could work in future in a way that is better for all of us (as individuals, businesses and the community).

So what was discussed?

We started the discussion considering how our careers and current human capital currently works, and how this could (and will change) in the future. We explored the idea of portfolio careers, and looked at how this could best work for individuals and business; what it could mean for IP ownership, and what different skills would be required from all of us to operate in a new way.

We challenged ‘who owns’ our employee data – the business or ourselves or both, and looked at ‘what if’ we could own our own data – what could we own, how it could work and why this would be a good (or or not so good) thing.  We explored what this could mean for the standard employee ‘document suite’ – including contracts and position descriptions, and questioned how these could be better formulated and used in future.

We talked about examples of where employees are already taking full ownership for feedback and development, and how effective this was for building capability, higher performance, and greater confidence around personal brand.

Through this conversation it become clear that as individuals we all need to understand and own our personal brand and preferences, and what skills and capabilities we have to offer to different businesses and work assignments.  The group also agreed that leaders need greater capability in team and org design, and explored how these skills might be built, especially given that they are quite rare today.In addition, there needed to be continued focus on courage, trust, bravery and authenticity.

We drowned in agreement that we needed to ‘do something’, and talked through pilots and things each of us could personally do to get things moving.

So what’s next?

We’re excited to keep this conversation going and to hear your thoughts (whether you attended the breakfast or not). We encourage you to check out the Development Section on the knowledge base and give us any feedback on how we’ve approached this area so far. We’d also love you to share your thinking about how owning our own careers and human capital could make work work more effectively for all of us in the future.

Email your thoughts to [email protected] and we will share your views (along with a more detailed write up of this morning’s session) with the mwah. Community over the coming weeks.

July Break out Breakfast

In the July Break out Breakfast we are excited to discuss with you all a really important topic –  Diversity – Beyond a single agenda. Look out for an invite to this event next week.

Thank you to everyone who braved the wild, rainy Sydney weather to attend the breakfast, and we look forward to continuing to explore how ‘work could work’ with you all.