We are breaking down the story behind the mwah. logo. 

We’re happy to say that everyone loves our name and everyone loves our logo.

How it started

When we built mwah., we started with a hand drawn logo.

We had a big idea – making work absolutely human – and a lot of content and plans. Our logo was three little coloured people – green, red and blue – crashing through the old way of working – a wall, in our drawing. We also had a story.

“What if businesses and individuals could have world class people skills and information at their fingertips whenever they needed it?

We sat with our ‘table of ten’ (borrowed from King Arthur) and talked about the plans and idea. All were excited and wanted to help, but we did notice that one of them was sort of turning up their nose at our three little people.

Their question was “how much do you love this logo?”

We guessed the answer was “We’re happy to consider a cooler one”

And that started us working with the Pulse Collective on the value of an awesome logo.

Here’s the story behind the current mwah. logo

The Shapes.

The shapes are drops or flames or leaves or sun rays

Rounded, warm and easy.

Collective and with a friend.

In Blue…

The shapes come from our great love of the ocean. It’s not ‘two drops in the ocean’ as much as if you keep adding drops of thinking you can create a whole ocean of change.

We see the ocean as connected and love that saying “we’re not drops in the ocean, we’re all the whole ocean in one drop”. If we can all work in a way that’s better for all of us – more inclusive, more human – we can literally change the way work works.

In Red…

The shapes are also the campfire we use for Community. The red is the heart of the community, and we all come together to talk about what works, the challenges, crazy ideas, the new ways and an obsession that we could make work more human, more aligned to all of us. All shared openly around a warm and welcoming campfire. It could also be the drops of red wine to share, but that’s another story.

In Green…

The shapes are the new leaves of Big Thinking. New shoots, off old trees, or new shoots of new plants. Bringing together great people with new ideas and new ways to do things. Building off each other’s ideas.

In Yellow…

Sunbeams and drops of sunshine. Allowing the community to give back great things to people who are trying to build better workplaces and better ways of working for people who are structurally excluded from the current way we work.

The letters. mwah.

The letters stand for “making work absolutely human”. We originally had ‘making work human’, but we added in the ‘absolutely’ to demonstrate our lack of compromise on this one. And the period at the end to say “that’s all! – Making work absolutely human – full stop!”.

Is there more to the mwah. logo?

We have a running competition of what the logo is and what it stands for. So far, we have 27 ideas. If you think you’ve thought of one we’ve missed, let us know.

And that’s the story of the mwah. logo.

We love it!

Hope you do too.  

P.S. We’ve thought about this idea of making work absolutely human, for so long, and are so committed to achieving it, and supporting others to achieve it, that we thought it deserved a great logo. We are so grateful we got to work with the Pulse Collective Team on such a great logo, and if you’re up a great logo, we cannot recommend them highly enough. Great people. SO creative. They work with heaps of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

And they are so incredibly easy to partner with.