In Part 1, we talked about the “why” of mwah. In this article we want to explain ‘What is mwah.?’ and what is it we want to achieve!

That’s where we started and that’s what we always come back to.

  • Work – A better way
  • Rethinking Leadership
  • Great information available to everyone.
  • We want to help small businesses who want to lead well and create (and keep) great culture in their business.
  • We want to help bigger businesses who want to rethink the way they’re working.
  • Just as importantly, we want to help Individuals who want to own their own career, working life, and ultimately their own human capital.

How do we do that?

Well, that’s Part 2 – What is mwah.? What is Making Work Absolutely Human?

mwah. is a really unique future-facing business built in four parts:

  1. Knowledge Base – this is the heart of mwah. It’s part toolkit and part giant knowledge base of everything you ever needed to work with people, all wrapped around a unique ‘mwah. way of working’. We’ve done this as a subscription to make it as accessible to as many people as possible.
  2. Community – to link everyone together
  3. A Think Tank – to research better ways and challenge status quo
  4. Social Enterprise/ NFP Partners – to simply include more people in work

Let’s look at each piece:

  1. Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base is all the things you need to get the people side of a business really humming, or to get yourself humming along in the center of a business.

At the center of our 670 item searchable knowledge base is a simple ‘way of working’.

The ‘way of working’ has 3 steps –

Step 1 – Mindset – A more human way of working, starts with a mindset about how you’re turning up to treat each other.

Step 2 – Culture and Wellness – Culture and Wellness are two halves of the same thing. Culture is how a business thrives. Wellness is how an individual thrives.

Culture is unique to each business – “How it feels to work here”.

Wellness is unique to each individual – “How can I bring my best”

The balance is crucial. A business needs to thrive. So too, does each and every person.

Step 3 – Are the five core techniques that are foundational for everything at work.

Get those three steps right in a business or a team, and you’re humming.

Beyond them are hundreds of things that happen when people work together – some big and some small. You need these things when you need them. So, we’ve popped them into a knowledge base, you can grab whenever the need arises.

Behind that, the mwah. knowledge base is built using nano-learning and is all about trying things and practicing until you get great at it.

Who is mwah. built for?

And, as you might have guessed, we built it for Leaders and for Employees, and you can both see each other’s info because we really believe we’re all in businesses together. If we both have the great info, we know what to expect and we can all turn up ready.

We’ve tried to make all that look as simple and straightforward as possible. We eradicated jargon and made sure every person feels confident with every topic. From the fun stuff (like having fun at work) to the harder stuff (like dealing with grief) to the quick stuff (like running a meeting) to strategy stuff (like writing a people strategy).

It all looks simple, but there’s a lot of years of broad experience, practice, and research gone into making this complicated field look simple. It is based on the best global thinking, cutting edge ideas, and brought to in line with the best new ways of learning. ‘Nano learning’, or learning in small 5 to 15-minute bites is how we start, building confidence, and an appetite to know more.

We call it ‘leaf, tree, forest’ and you can go as light or as sophisticated as you want, to get the info and expertise you need.

On top of that, every piece of data we have talked on the future way of working.

For employees it about getting individuals back in the driver’s seat of their own lives – flexibility, portfolio careers, multiple employers, negotiating their own way.

For businesses and leaders, it’s about getting the people stuff right, so you can get back to business with your team doing great alongside you.


the mwah. community links everyone together. We have events like Break-Out-Breakfasts (affectionately known as BoBs) every month, and Think-&-Do Tanks six times a year.

We have a weekly little newsletter, and we publish your thoughts and ideas as well. We wrap the community around Social media, but it’s hardwired into V2 of the mwah. site which is coming very soon.

A Think Tank 

Most of the big issues with work are really unsolvable, or at least unsolved for now, so we partner with great academics and great thinkers and our community to tackle the hard stuff. There’s no black and white answers, but what shade of grey would we like things to be.

How could we build businesses better, or even start anew and build better businesses. Both are great options. Our first really big academic study was the Happy Workers Report. It really nailed what matters at work, and busted a whole bunch of myths along the way. You can read it here, if you missed it! We also run ‘Roundtables’ of seriously big thinkers and then write up their best ideas.

We don’t mind being called a think tank but we are more a think-&-do tank. We really believe there are better ways if we really thought about it. Convening great people and thinkers is one of our core skills. We intend to use it to move the whole conversation forward.

Social Enterprise/ NFP Partners –

Our social enterprise and NFP partners are completely awesome! They share our fundamental belief that work should be accessible to everyone, and they’re doing just that. Rethinking work and organisations so they work better for everyone. Their stories are way too big to fit here as a small part of ours, so we’ll look forward to talking more about how we work with them in a future issue.

So, you can see we’ve thought heaps about this.

  • How should work work?
  • What is leadership?
  • How can we empower everyone with great information?
  • How can we all participate in building businesses better, or building better businesses?

There will always be more to say, but hopefully, this gives you taste of ‘what is mwah.’ and how we’re going about helping everyone ‘make work absolutely human’.

If you enjoyed this article, read part one Why We Built Mwah.