Worldwide we are experiencing a pandemic and total disruption to virtually everything in our lives.
In the world of work many companies are reducing face to face interactions, increasing use of virtual technologies and providing a level of flexibility that hasn’t been available during normal times.
The nature of some roles means working remotely might not be feasible but for those of us who can there are some key things we think employees
and supervisors need to keep in mind.
When the working world has been turned upside, there is still the innate need to keep connected, be included and feel we belong for the duration of the disruption.
Here at mwah. we’ve created a webinar, compiled a checklist and other resources which we are sharing to help provide support during this disruption.
Connect – Collaborate – Care

The Resources:

In addition to the checklist, we also have a whole range of existing resources that will help you navigate working remotely. Head over to our website and follow the links.

Blog: Remote work and How to get it right. (all access)

Webinar: Unity without Proximity – Managing remote teams (Subscription only)

Content: Workplace Flexibility (all access link to subscriber content)

Content: How to ask for Flexibility (subscriber)

Content: Workplace flexibility Sample Policy (Subscriber)

Case study: Flexibility requires a different mindset (All access)

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In a disrupted world of work right now, lets all take some time to look after one another and ensure we keep connected. Thanks for watching and connecting with us today.