We are not Grant Denyer from Family Feud, but we did sent a survey to over 2,500 Aussie Workers to find out about their ‘weirder’ experiences at work. We picked out some of our favourite stories to share with you…Here is the real workplace survey!

What is the strangest request you have had from a boss or colleague at work?

  1. To taste his beautiful malt whiskey imported from Scotland in the lunch room… it was marvellous.
  2.  Sing their favourite song
  3. My boss asked me to tie up his shoelaces for him
  4. Help them write a speech to give at a funeral
  5. Smell her underarms and see if she has B.O.
  6. Asked me ‘Can you please pass my 50 Shades of Grey?’
  7. My co-worker asked me to find his wife’s lost luggage
  8. To only wear my ‘red shirt’ to work from now on
  9. To help pay for her sister to fly home from WA to New Zealand
  10. My male manager asked for ‘my female advice’ about condoms…From a health professional perspective!

What are the five most annoying types of people in the office? 

  1. The tech genius
  2. The comedian/practical joker
  3. The event organiser (by the time you’ve asked them if the team want to go for a drink they have already booked a bar, organised taxi etc.)
  4. The conspiracy theorist (the person who is ALWAYS forecasting redundancy, no bonuses, corporate takeovers etc.)
  5. The passive aggressive one (the person who leaves notes in the staff room about the state of it etc.)

What are we missing from our workplace survey? Let us know in the comments.