We love partnering with boards, leaders and teams that deeply care about making work absolutely human to help them to tackle some of the most pressing people challenges facing organisations today:

  • Are we doing the right thing by our customers and the community?
  • Are we doing the right thing by our people and team?
  • What is the real experience of inclusion and belonging here?
  • What are our risks and are we mitigating them?
  • Are our people and culture a competitive advantage?

Bringing in an objective third party to review your culture can often feel like death by Powerpoint, consultants coming in to ‘fix’ people or organisations, or like a sales-pitch forcing you to buy into ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. In Culture and Leadership, the best solutions are not ‘off-the-shelf’, but rather, are carefully co-designed ‘right practice’ – taking into account each organisations unique context, its people, its strengths and its challenges.

Having partnered with leading thinkers and organisations to get to the heart of what really matters at work, we’ve designed an approach to people and culture reviews that is practical and tailored to your organisation.

Our Approach

Every organisation is unique

We tailor and design every culture review uniquely to match the needs of organisations. Our aim is to work with you to find the process and rhythm that fits with your people and culture.

Data matters

Our technology is designed to provide your People – with measurement tools to help understand themselves, the teams they work in and the complex system of your organisation. Whether they are a new employee, or the CEO.

Solutions are inside your team

We take a deeply client and human-centric approach to each and every people and culture review. We love working with clients and see ourselves as invisible partners, fitting seamlessly alongside the People and Culture/OD team, supporting you to deliver measurable outcomes and impacts.

What’s different about how we map, measure and review culture?

For nearly 30 years we’ve looked to Engagement as the measure of organisational culture – an odd set of questions, more aligned to productivity (doing more with less) than anything to do with the complex system that is people and culture.

Things are changing. These metrics are no longer answering some of the increasingly important and challenging questions facing organisations. Culture and whether we feel we belong is a complex system, not a single score.

To learn more about the Belonging Index and Culture Dashboard click here.

Connect with our team and get access to our case studies

To discuss how a people and culture review will fit with your organisational goals, or if you are interested in reading our Case Studies from previous Culture Reviews, please contact our team.

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