We are THE experts in all things people. We take a unique approach and we want to share it with businesses that are up for taking a totally new approach to HR.

Embedded HR is literally taking a member of the mwah. team into your business, and letting them help you get the people piece right. After all, we know that getting the people piece right


Do you wish you had great internal expertise around people but aren’t quite big enough?

Have you done countless HR interviews but still can’t find a great HR person suits your business?

Do you have a one-person HR team who is totally overworked and needs a hand?

Do you have a small but well-functioning HR team, but need an extra top up for the next 12months?

Do you need a super specialist to support a major change or strategy you SO want to do?

If these are your questions, we have the answer?


What’s in for you?

  • Access to a rare tribe of highly talented HR professionals, who get people and business and want to make a difference to both
  • Guaranteed great HR people – vetted, checked, well-trained, and known to us
  • Access to all of mwah.’s tools, templates, and resources to implement and use throughout your business
  • A detailed matching process, where we take the brief and make sure the person fits your business like an expert glove
  • Comprehensive onboarding and emersion of your new HR resource, to ensure they hit the ground running
  • Ongoing professional development
  • On-call additional resources and scale-up resources available when you need them
  • All the logistical stuff for your HR resource – Pay, insurance, leave, technology, tax, etc.
  • A long-term solution to HR that can grow, change and evolve as your business does

To see the full brochure please download the pdf here:- mwah. Embedded HR