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Flexible Work Webinar – 6th June:
How to get it and how to confidently lead it.

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The way we work is changing – we’re rapidly moving to a shorter working week and more ‘portfolio’ ways of working – increasingly out of choice – but it’s not changing for everyone. Flexibility is still the domain of women (with caring responsibilities) and (perhaps surprisingly) white-collar managers.

So, what’s stopping flexibility from being ‘normal’?

We absolutely know that flexibility thrives when organisations and leaders are comfortable and confident leading flexibility.

We also think that individuals can show their boss just how easy it could be.

In this webinar, we look at the current state of flexibility in Australia – where it’s working well, where there’s still (a lot of) work to do and what the workforce of the future will look like if we get this right. How people can create the type of working arrangements that help make their life ‘work’. And importantly – how great leaders lead flexibility really well.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.

Bullying Webinar – May 8th, 2018
A different approach

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Bullying devastates lives, destroys companies and is becoming more prevalent in our workplaces. 

We looked at why bullying happens in the first place, why typical workplace responses just don’t work to ensure peoples’ psychological safety at work, and what better approaches to this endemic problem might look like

mwah. ReadersX Book Club

mwah. ReadersX – a book club for humans who work!

Do you love learning? Love meeting new friends and sharing perspectives on the world of work?

The mwah. ReadersX book club is for everyone who’s interested in all things ‘people’ at work – like culture, leadership, new tech and how we can create better ways of working.

This months’ book is ‘H3 Leadership’ by Brad Lomenick

Our next catch up is hosted by our friends at the NSW Public Service Commission, Level 4, 225 George Street, Sydney.

To RSVP – email us at [email protected] or via the Facebook community site 

Our previous months’ books have been “How not to be a Boy” by Robert Webb &  ‘Dying for A Paycheck’ by Jeffery Pfeffer. Thank you to all the attended it was a fun evening and great to see you!