We have two distinct products that enable you to do this fearlessly.

  • DYI Facilitation Guides

Our very detailed facilitation guides range from How to Run an Effective Meeting, to Creating a Great People Strategy, and many, many more topics in between.

There’s all the detail from set up, to scripting, to facilitation activities.

Grab it, and you’re ready to go.

Contact us for the full range.

  • Toolkits

Our Toolkits are a complete topic in-a-box.

For example, Talent Management in a Box, StoryTelling in a Box, Performance Management in a Box, Coaching in a Box and Change in box. There’s 37 in total.

Each toolkit contains all the collateral, background research, facilitation guides, and e-materials required to be up and running.

You can literally run it yourself, or we’re happy to facilitate a train-the-trainer session for you and the team.

Click here for the full list of mwah. Toolkits.

Contact us if you’d like more details or if you’d like to talk to a customer that has used a toolkit.

Download our mwah. Toolkit Guide or to contact us here.