As a result of the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 and the decisions of Governments locally and around the world, many organisations are currently working on the best possible path through the current context and to bridge to the best possible future.

mwah. is currently working with a number of organisations (small business, corporate and government) on impacts and options that can be considered.

This support has included the following:

Ongoing Strategy and Communication Support

  • Looking at all options available to an organisation and working through pros, cons and risks
  • Planning the agreed strategy ready for internal execution
  • Communication support in this sensitive time

Simple tools for organisations and leaders to hold culture during this unprecedented time of isolated working

Hibernating Employees

  • Looking at industrial options during this time
  • A deeply practical support Hub for hibernating employees
  • On-going support for leaders and HR teams

Redefining ‘Work’ and Connection during Isolation

  • Practical tools to get your team connecting differently during this period of ‘working from home’
  • Making the most of the headspace that will come with isolation, to get working on things that matter most going forward

Building a Bridge to the Future

  • Ultimately working through this COVID-19 era will come to an end and sensitivities of all decisions will need to be worked through with employees reconnected to the co-forward state of the organisation. We’ve been supporting organisations to get that right as possible for all stakeholders, internal and external

Knowledge Sharing

  • Keeping abreast of all that’s happening, and curating the most important information and ideas for your internal team, so they are not left drinking from the fire hydrant of available information

We’d be delighted to support your business through this time, in any way that’s most practical, adds value and gives you bandwidth to think.

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We are here to help and support your organisation – if there is something you’d really like to see us do or to help support your organisation with then let us know! – send us your details below.