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In our Knowledge Base we have collated all of the resources you’ll need to empower the mindsets, enhance culture and to understand the core processes needed to solve your pressing people and culture questions. Every membership includes access to:
  • Monthly member insights webinars
  • Downloadable templates
  • Short guides
  • Sample policies
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Your hidden people superpower

It’s our job to make you look good. It takes time to build workshops, templates, policies and resources. For professional members we offer access to our facilitation guides, templates and resources, as well as individual development conversations for how to use mwah. to grow. We also regularly provide core content focused on the following areas:
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Culture
  • Change
  • Organisational design and development
  • Leadership
  • People Strategy
  • Human resources and employee experience
  • Talent
  • Performance
  • Managing complex people and culture challenges
  • Zero tolerance culture

Why mwah.?

We know people & culture.

With extensive experience in people and culture, HR, organisational development, equity, diversity and inclusion and senior leadership, the mwah. team deeply understands the challenging situations you might find yourself in.

We help grow businesses.

Too often HR and people and culture processes don’t work. The complex and interwoven nature of modern businesses and the people in them means that HR and people and culture strategies D&I strategy need to be smart and practical for your business. This is always our focus.

We make it simple for you.

Finding a simple solution is often the hardest, especially when it comes to creating a great culture.  We are always updating, evolving and challenging current thinking around what it takes to make organisations and people connect and grow. We want to share those insights with you.

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