Quick take: What you need to know

  • The mwah. Process for Managing Change has two objectives:
    • to help you manage change well, efficiently and in the best interests of the business and team
    • to make change a sustainable part of your culture by giving it a language and a rhythm that your team, customers and leaders trust.
  • The process is super simple, with only three steps-but it works.
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  • Follow further links to Sustainable Change, Resisting Change, What is Change Management, Strategic Culture Change

The basics: The mwah. Process for Managing Change

Our Process for Managing Change has three steps:

Step 1: Building receptivity and supporting the team

Step 2: Managing the change

Step 3: Rest

The first step of the mwah. Process for Managing Change has two components which are executed concurrently: you build receptivity AND support the team. You then move to manage the change, which includes both planning and ongoing management. Finally, you rest–which means you stop all change activity while you embed and celebrate the change.