Have you ever sat in an off-site or a workshop and wondered why you were there, as nothing got decided and hours in your working day were wasted?

Or have you attended sessions where it was all great on the day and fun with lots of ideas and outputs created, and yet nothing ever happened or came of it, as there was no follow-up? I suspect we all have.

Everyone can facilitate – not all can do it well. So, knowing that you are reading this because you want to learn, we wanted to give you a quick guide and some tools to help. Follow these to make sure that any session you facilitate will be one that people want to attend because it’s productive and interesting to be part of.

Allow yourself at least 15-30 minutes to prepare for the first session and know that it gets easier to facilitate, and quicker to prepare, each time you do it.

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Here are the five most important things to remember about facilitating: