So you know the type of role you are interested in and would like to find which companies are recruiting at the moment. There are three main methods an organisation will use to advertise opportunities:

  1. Online advertising: the internet is where you will find most roles advertised. Major websites for job advertising include with 3 million roles advertised at any one time. Another useful source of jobs is classified websites such as
  2. Physical advertisements: this is often a sign in the window or on a company vehicle. If you wanted to work in a café in your local area, you might want to walk the area and look out for signs or even head in and ask. You will see a lot of signs saying things like ‘position vacant’ or ‘help wanted’. Local employment agencies may also have job ads on cards for you to take a look at.
  3. Print advertisements: some organisations will choose to advertise in print media. This could include the careers section of the big newspapers such as