How do I hold a Town Hall Meeting?

Communicating effectively with your team is essential. This step-by-step guide helps bring all staff together successfully in a Town Hall meeting format.

Choosing the best way to communicate is an important decision.

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All Staff, or ‘Town Hall’, meetings work well in these three circumstances:-

1. To let everyone know some great new news about the business. It may be a new opportunity, a big new customer, a new plan, or an innovation, and a Town Halls give you that opportunity to tell that news in the same way to every employee. It’s a chance to not only explain the news, but also the impact on the whole team, the business, and customers.

2. To address a serious issue, that may already be in the media, or across many workplace conversations. A Town Hall brings the most senior leader(s) out to ‘own’ the news, and listen for questions and address concerns. It’s a chance to hear the organisation’s perspective on the news.

3. To update the whole team on a regular basis. These updates could include customer news, financial news, significant changes or additions to the team, challenges and opportunities. It’s about the most senior leader(s) owning the update and putting themselves openly in front of all employees to talk about all the topics. It’s also an opportunity for employees to ask the senior leader(s) questions and hear directly from them.

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