Congratulations! Your written offer has arrived. You should feel very proud of all of your hard work to get to this point. It is not an easy process for anyone, and you have done so well to get to the point of receiving a written offer. Take a moment to celebrate.

And then set about reading the fine print. It is much easier to negotiate any terms before you start than it is to try and negotiate after commencing the role. Pay special attention to the following areas to make sure they align with your expectations and that you are comfortable.

  • Start date
  • Job title
  • Work hours
  • Work location
  • Relevant leave (annual, sick, parental, study, carer’s etc.)
  • Remuneration including any bonus or incentive payments
  • Superannuation
  • Any allowances such as a car allowance
  • Length of probation period
  • Reporting line
  • Notice period
  • Company policies relating to matters like privacy and technology use

There may be other areas relevant to the role you have been offered. The trick is to take the time to read through the offer carefully. You want to avoid any surprises down the track.

Most written offers will include a reply letter for you to complete, sign and return to the employer. Do this as soon as you are comfortable with the offer to show your enthusiasm for the role.