Being Clear on the Role

Planning the recruitment process requires being clear on the job to be done, making sure the job works for the team and using a position description that gives a great first impression of your business. Use this Position description to attract great people.

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The Best Person for your Team

Once you are clear on the role you are seeking to fill, it’s time to find people who have the skills, abilities, and interest in joining your team and doing the work you need.

A good place to start is by looking within your own team, business, and networks.

When trying to find great people to join your company, don’t be afraid of being creative and sharing your unique voice. Often your job advert or the application process is the first experience a person will have with your company. Think about how you can create a first impression that is interesting, unique, and positive. You could do this with quirkily written/presented job adverts, job application processes that ask non-routine questions (and focus on knowing the real person), or even asking people to submit a video or something creative instead of a traditional resume.

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