Teams need great collective performance as much as great individuals in the team.

The simple mwah. performance form is equally powerful for teams.  The process to use it is slightly different, as the team completes it together, not the manager.

So, get your team together – either regularly, or as the team requests it (use language like “Team Performance Session” or simply a “Team Session” or you can brand them as “Ignition Sessions” or another creative name that aligns to your culture and your business).

Allow an hour (or two if it’s a team that needs a bit of extra time together – there’s nothing as powerful and connecting as talking about the actual work and how they’re working together), and then let the form guide the team. The aim is to give the team an opportunity to realign, applaud, or reconnect any disconnections. This can be done with the team leader, or amongst the team, with individuals taking the lead as they see fit.

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