The overall objective of performance management is clear. There are a number of other questions about the process that employees often ask. Here is a list of the topics we address in detail here:

  • Making sure you know what’s expected
  • Setting and accepting clear goals
  • Measuring your work
  • Preparing for a great performance discussion
  • How not to be boring
  • Talking about your great work
  • Talking about your average work
  • Talking about your work when it’s not great
  • Taking great feedback on board
  • Taking bad feedback on board
  • Asking for support
  • Following up on the conversation
  • Dealing with a great appraisal
  • Dealing with an unfair appraisal
  • Signing appraisals
  • Keeping copies of appraisals

Check out our Performance Management template or our webinar on Performance Management