Resume, CV, Curriculum Vitae…a rose by any name. They are an essential part of anyone’s job search, and if you’re looking for talent you will get to see your share of them. What you will notice is how wildly different they can be, yet at the same time, so many of them will tell you so little about the person. Arguably they are a tool for work that could be a lot more human – hence searching for the real resumes.

As you probably know from your own experience of job seeking, you are so keen to get everything just right you turn to the internet and the plethora of resume templates; typically, these are a little bland and lifeless.

Some will stand out and others won’t. Some will be more creative than others. Make sure you are respectful of all applicants and also give yourself the best chance of finding the right talent by reading them all and not relying on first impressions.