Quick take: What you need to know

  • We view wellness in the workplace as a holistic concept that incorporates physical, mental and social elements. There is an interconnected relationship between these three aspects, all of which require care and attention for optimal wellness.
  • You have personal accountability for your own wellness, just as organisations have accountability for the wellness of their employees.
  • The mwah. Way of looking after your wellness in the workplace suggests concrete steps that can be taken by individuals and organisations to ensure employees remain well.

The basics: The mwah. Way of Looking After Your Wellness

  • We think of wellness as the peace of mind that comes when life is balanced in a sustainable way. It is a state beyond the absence of illness. Having a positive mindset.
  • Wellness at work incorporates your physical wellness (caring for your body), mental wellness (thinking about your emotional health and growth), and social wellness (fostering healthy connections with others).
  • These elements are intrinsically linked, and each affects the others. To experience wellness you should strive for a balance in each of these areas. We suggest some specific steps you can take, both outside of work and in your work environment, that will enhance your overall wellness at work.
  • Your wellness has an impact on the people around you, just as their state of wellness impacts you. Each individual, team, and organisation will experience a level of wellness and the culture in your business will reflect this.
  • Watch our Webinars on Wellbeing in the workplace where we discuss the topic in depth.
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