Listen to our Top 5 Podcasts of 2019:

1. Busting Flexible Work Myths 

Leading up to 2019’s Flexible Working Day – we wanted to bust a few myths with Guest Host, Jason Whitty!

2. The Decent Human Test 

Our very first episode of Article 23 – For the longest time, we have been asked by our community and clients to do a podcast, and after much thought, planning (and practice!), we are pleased to bring to you – Article 23, a podcast all about work, and making it work for more of us!

3. Modern Workplaces 

Modern workspaces – a few new (and a few not so new) ideas to consider to get the best contribution from people wherever you work.

4. Is reward as simple as ‘Keeping up with the Joneses?’ 

A conversation on the psychology, challenges and some ideas on reward.

5. Visible Leadership 

So many of us lead so well on the inside of our heads, but not so much on the outside. What people need to see is ‘Visible Leadership’! Here’s how to get it right – clearer, more aligned to intent, and more trusted by the team.

*Our (professional) podcasting equipment hard at work