Listen to our Top 5 Podcasts:

1. What if ChatGPT was in charge of this podcast ?

You might have heard of this week’s special guest. It goes by the name ChatGPT and it’s here to tell us its best tips for effective working. But should you take advice from a robot? The jury is still out on that one. Our hosts also discuss the complexities of blending organisational cultures together and managing the stress of rising interest rates.

2. With great power comes great responsibility 

What can we learn from superheroes about good leadership? Turns out, quite a lot. In this week’s pod, Rhonda and James talk about what makes for a responsible leader, using their favourite superheroes as examples. They also dive into the value of public displays of resiliency, using tennis commentator Jelena Dokic and player Alex de Minaur as examples, and unpack the importance of showing up when people need you most.

3. Modern Workplaces 

Modern workspaces – a few new (and a few not so new) ideas to consider to get the best contribution from people wherever you work.

4. Our organisational culture predictions for 2023 

In this first episode, Rhonda and James take us through their five organisational culture predictions for 2023 – the two-speed workforce, the rising tension between humanity and technology, building capability, and the increasing importance of community building. Listen to learn more about what these predictions mean and how they could impact your workplace.

5. Visible Leadership 

So many of us lead so well on the inside of our heads, but not so much on the outside. What people need to see is ‘Visible Leadership’! Here’s how to get it right – clearer, more aligned to intent, and more trusted by the team.