Listen to our Top 5 Podcasts of 2020:

1. Co-Curating Culture in the wake of COVID-19

Rhonda and James speak on a better idea to ‘rebuilding’ and ‘re-onboarding’ your culture in the wake of COVID-19.

2. R U OK?

How to find your ‘R U OK’ way to be there for your tribe.

3. Career Resilience

What is it and how do you do deliver it?

4. Newbies at work

For our first podcast of 2020 we wanted to hear a fresh perspective – We are listening to the Newbies. Here is the perspective from our 2 guest stars who are just starting their careers.

5. Belonging – it ain’t just about you 

It’s the most fundamental of human needs, and its also the greatest gift we can give each other.

*This year we upgraded our Podcasting Equipment 🙂