How do you make work absolutely human? Three simple steps that, together, make the mwah. Way of Working.
When you’re overwhelmed by the “people stuff” in your business or team, look at getting these three steps right—and everything else will take care of itself.

Step 1: Mindset—the way that we turn up to face each other every day at work.
Step 2: Looking after Culture collectively, and Wellness individually.
Step 3: Five simple core people processes—Change, Recruitment, Performance, Talent, and Reward.

Follow the links to learn more about each of these core elements of the mwah. Way of Working.
Make it your way of working, too, and your business will become an extraordinary place to work, collaborate, grow and thrive.

Making work absolutely human

Step 1: Mindset

There is nothing more important in making work absolutely human than the mindset with which we approach each other every day. There are a thousand fancy ways to describe it, and we’re asked about it all the time, but we think there are three little elements to being human at work. We’ve wrapped into what we call the mwah. test.

Are you a Decent Human?

Are you doing what matters?

Are you good for others?

Step 2: Culture & Wellness

Two halves of the same thing.

Culture is unique to each business

“What it feels like to work here”

Wellness is unique to each individual

“What can I bring at my best”

The balance is crucial. The business needs to thrive.
So too, does each person.

Five core techniques


There are a thousand ideas about change, but the bottom line is we all love the change we own, and we all hate the change we don’t. There are three components of managing change so everyone owns it – Build receptivity, Support the team, Manage the change.

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What if recruitment was about genuinely getting to know someone, or having a business genuinely getting to know you – What you’ve done, what you can do, and what you’d like to do – so that you’re choosing work, and a workplace, where you can thrive, and help the team thrive too.

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Everyone needs to know their work matters. To the business. To the customer. To the team. Once the work is clear, we all need feedback on what’s great, what’s not, and how to be even better. Whether it’s from the leader, or just amongst the team, this gives us the security to keep belonging.

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Talent & Career

To grow the business, you need to grow every person. Some quickly, some gradually, but always moving people to be part of the future. As an individual, if we’ve kept developing, we can decide where that future is. Growing is how you stay relevant. As a business and as a person.

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We’re all wired differently, but we all like being appreciated. How we want that appreciation, is personal. It's much more complicated than just money. It needs to make sense with our expectations, our needs, our peers, and our future plans, and it needs to be personal. Relevant.

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