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1. Narcissism in the workplace

A competitive advantage or a culture crusher?

“Around a narcissist, culture collapses. Under constant criticism, confidence drops. People are tired and trying harder and achieving less. But there’s something much worse and that’s the collapse of relationships.”

2. Zero Tolerance is not a Policy

Good culture is built on solid foundations. Zero Tolerance is the first pillar on which to build inclusion and belonging.

“You want every single person in this organisation to feel safe, respected and included. Nothing more. Nothing less”.

3. Keep it nice and simple. Just look after each other.

When we’re all overwhelmed, there’s little things we can do to look after each other.

“Hang together. Value your friendships and colleagues. The world is tough. We’re all doing our best.”

4. Goodbye Engagement Scores – Why measuring Belonging at work matters more

Move over engagement – it’s time to rethink how we measure culture

“Culture – the way we treat each other and work together around here – is so fundamentally important to so many things.”

5. Brave. Bruised. Me. (And why Belonging is so important right now)

A very raw look at right now. We are brave. We are bruised. But together, we’ve got this.

“You can be brave, because you know what you can survive. You can bruise, because you know you heal.”