We’re guessing you are here because you want to do work that matters, to do it well and to get paid well for your hard work. We’re also guessing that you want autonomy, flexibility, and great relationships. This is why we created the mwah. Knowledge Base. 

This is a digital library of resources that includes career tools, articles, webinars and podcasts all designed to answer your most pressing career questions like: 

  • How do I explore what career options are a good fit for me? 
  • How do I navigate the job search process and come out on top?
  • Is it time to build that side-hustle or business I’ve been dreaming about?
  • How do I navigate those hard career and team culture questions when I am on a job – like negotiating pay, solving conflicts, bullying, contracts, the list goes on. 

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Tell me more about the mwah. Knowledge Base?

There are big inflexion points in your career, like finding a new job or starting a business. Having the best advice at times like this can mean the difference between a terrible or awesome job, or even thousands of dollars per year. In the mwah. Knowledge Base we’ve brought together a range of resources to make it easy to get the best advice in bite-sized mixed-medium resources.

What should you expect?

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Interactive career toolsShort videos
  • Interactive webinars
  • Email support from the mwah. Team

Who are mwah.?

mwah. stands for making work absolutely human. We are a group of people and culture specialists, working to create a future of work, that works for more of us. In our team we have psychologists, business people, career specialists and tech specialists all working together to bring you the best resources to make your working life more enjoyable, meaningful and productive. 

We see work as a fundamental human right – we all have the right to contribute, deserve the opportunity to grow and develop, to learn from and teach others and that means we all have an accountability and responsibility to the people we work with. 

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