At mwah. we’re passionate about two things – making work absolutely human and getting more people into work. We’ve designed the organisation to help do just that.

We’re particularly excited about the opportunity to help people who have had a hard time finding employment. This includes people with a disability, those who have been unemployed for a long time, indigenous Australians and other groups who have been structurally excluded in some other way.

We’re not experts at this, but there are people who are. So, here’s what we’ve done. We’ve designed the company to build partnerships. One dollar in every five of profit, will go directly to a not-for-profit partner organization, who is aimed squarely at getting people into work. There are some incredible organisations in this space. Organisations who are experts in their field and have a passion for helping people. We feel so privileged to partner with them. We know some great ones and we’ll start by working directly with them and as this idea grows, we’re hoping to be introduced to even more through our community.

Here’s how it will work. For the first six months, we’ll work with two already discovered organisations – Fighting Chance and ASPECT (Autism). Then, going forward, every two months, we’ll ask our community for organisations they’ve found that are doing this work. The community will vote, and we’ll allocate that 20% of profit to the organization that they’ve chosen. Then one of our community, who voted, will be drawn randomly, to present the giant cheque. From there we’ll measure the impact of the money, on how it helps people find work, and present the outcomes back to the community every six months.

Our dream at mwah. is to share success and play a big role in helping more people find great work. As we launch mwah. we have picked two awesome partners to work with.