It takes time to build workshops, templates, policies and resources. It takes even more time to learn the right way to go about building a great culture in your organisation. We built the mwah. Knowledge Base to solve this problem and to make your job easy. The mwah. Knowledge Base contains all the expert resources you’ll need to solve your pressing people and culture questions.

With access to monthly members only webinars, downloadable templates, sample policies, facilitation guides, articles and email support from the mwah. Team, you will be getting immediate access to the best advice on topics like: 

  • Diversity and inclusion
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  • Organisational design and development
  • Leadership
  • People strategy
  • Talent and performance
  • Managing complex people and culture challenges

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Want to know more about the mwah. Knowledge Base? 

We built the mwah. Knowledge Base to democratise the people and culture space. To make the best advice, tools and resources available to Business Owners, Leaders and Employees alike. If you are interested in the history of this digital resource click here.

We firmly believe everyone has, or should have the capacity and confidence to join conversations and work around people and culture. The truth and what we often see is that so many people are afraid to take a step into the space. Even leaders who are confident with the most technical engineering or financial lingo, feel a sense of trepidation when talking about gender, diversity and inclusion and even “the sealed section” of HR so many people fear – firing, redundancy and being part of those tough conversations.

So to tackle this, we have covered over 670 topics, with over 25 expert authors. We’ve created every needed template – from the really simple DIY, to the really complicated DIY, ready for you to add your flavour and ideas.

All written for the business, the leader and the individual. And that’s the future. And that’s the mwah. Knowledge Base. 

Who are mwah.? 

mwah. stands for making work absolutely human. We are a group of people and culture specialists, working to create a future of work, that works for more of us. In our team we have a diverse mixture of people and culture specialists (with strong commercial experience) and tech people who are all working together to bring you the best resources to make your workplaces more human.

We see work as a fundamental human right – we all have the right to contribute, deserve the opportunity to grow and develop, to learn from and teach others and that means we all have an accountability and responsibility to the people we work with. 

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