In this podcast with Neil Mitchell, Rhonda Brighton-Hall addresses the ‘Happy Workers‘ Research Report and what is keeping workplaces happy?

Victorians are among the most unhappy when it comes to work, a new study has found.

In Neil Mitchell’s Ideas Factory tackled what factors impact work and life balance.

A joint study between Curtin University and a group called Making Work Absolutely Human (MWAH) found only 28 per cent of Victorians are ‘very happy’ with their jobs.

Rhonda Brighton-Hall, the CEO of MWAH, said good relationships with colleagues, appropriate remuneration, and a flexible hours were all important.

‘The work we do, is the most important thing we do that makes us happy or unhappy,’ she said.

She said an autonomous workplace with leaders for managers is a good start.

‘You’ve got to keep the work real,’ she said.

‘People work for people – that’s a great start.’

Listen to the full podcast here on ‘What is keeping workplaces happy?’: