MindFit: How to create a kickass workforce to achieve long-term business excellence by Kristopher G.Harold, Alexis Ee-Khem Aw and John K. Williams quotes our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall on work.

Here is Rhonda’s section:

If you want to know how to create workforce that’s on fire, not burnt out, stick with us.

Let’s build organisations where people love to work, where success loves to live, and where growth in many forms loves to thrive.

I look forward to providing thought leadership in this space to contribute something of value to educate and training.

I leave you with the inspiring words of Rhonda Brighton-Hall, CEO of mwah. (making work absolutely human):

“Work is a core component of our existence, our identity, our financial independence, and ultimately, our overall wellbeing.

A happy workplace where people feel valued can increase productivity and innovation and reduce unwanted outcomes like employee absenteeism, workplace grievances and staff turnover.”