In this blog from Career Development Association of Australia, they list their favourite ‘Career Development’ Podcasts.

Our CEO, Rhonda Brighton-Hall was featured in a podcast with Richard Aedy on ‘How Satisfied are Australians at work?’.

Here’s what CDAA has to say on their Career Development Podcasts:

A podcast is a radio program that you can listen to any time you like. They’re perfect for the morning commute instead of commercial radio and can be a great way to create the habit of lifelong learning.

As with anything else on the internet, there is something for everyone. Here is a brief round-up of career development, employment, and workplace culture podcasts.

Best Practice, ABC Radio National

Best Practice, presented by Richard Aedy, is an Australian podcast broadly focused on workplace issues: workplace cultures, trends and challenges, time management and productivity, leadership and management, and career development.

Recent episodes include:

  • Not another #@*$ meeting!Think carefully before you decline that meeting. But if you must, Liane Davey has some good advice on how to do it properly.
  • Internships: are they working?Unpaid internships are now so common that they are almost standard in some sectors. The quality and fairness of internships ranges and while the benefits can be significant, the evidence does not show a direct link to paid employment.
  • How satisfied are Australians at work?What makes a difference when it comes to how you feel about work and who are the happiest workers in Australia? Rhonda Brighton-Hall looks at the variables and shares some surprising insights.

Second Career

Second Career is the podcast of “employment guru” Matthew Tukaki, focused on Australian employment and workplace issues.  His full-length podcasts are long, up to 90 minutes, but he also publishes select short clips on specific topics.

  • Is our appetite for dismissing poor performing workers creating a problem for business? Matthew Tukaki talks with Gideon Rozner from the Institute of Public affairs and employment law specialist Marcus Zelter about the number of dismissals cases before Fair Work Australia.
  • Karen Mahlab – the latest jobs on offer at Pro Bono Australia: Matthew Tukaki talks with Karen Mahlab about the latest jobs they have on offer at Pro Bono Australia.
  • Find out why Ben Higgs is this week’s local hero: Matthew Tukaki talks with this week’s local hero Ben Higgs, founder and CEO of the Rise Foundation,  which is empowering young people to rise above the black dog of depression and anxiety.

Harvard Business Review IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast is a weekly podcast featuring the leading thinkers in business and management from Harvard Business Review. It tends to feature guests from the heady heights of (mostly American) industry and therefore often has a top-level strategic focus.

Recent episodes include:

  • Why Doesn’t More of the Working Class Move for Jobs? Many people conflate “working class” with “poor”–but the working class is, in fact, the elusive, purportedly disappearing middle class. Economic mobility has declined, and suggestions like “they should move to where the jobs are” or “they should just go to college” are insufficient.
  • Restoring Sanity To The Office: Basecamp CEO Jason Fried says too many people find it difficult to get work done at the workplace. His company enforces quiet offices, fewer meetings, and different collaboration and communication practices.
  • Dealing with Conflict Avoiders and Seekers: Amy Gallo, HBR contributing editor, discusses a useful tactic to more effectively deal with conflict in the workplace: understanding whether you generally seek or avoid conflict.

How Did You Get Into That?

Unfortunately it seems that motivational speaker Grant Baldwin has wrapped up his podcast How Did You Get Into That?

But you can still browse the archive of episodes in which Grant interviews an entrepreneur or innovator about how they found their passion and pursued their goals.

The episodes are very American-centric and tend to be as aspirational as they are practical, but there are many fascinating career stories on offer.

Episodes include:

  • How To Become a LEGO Master Builder, with Chris SteiningerIn this episode, Chris details his journey to becoming one of seven LEGO Master Builders and shares his insight into the toy brick business.
  • How to be a Social Entrepreneur with Travis GravetteTravis Gravette is a social entrepreneur who buys artisan products from Africa and sells them in the US with his company Red Earth. In this episode, Travis shares what a social entrepreneur does and how he does it, how to begin a nonprofit, and how to move into creating a for-profit business.
  • How to Build a Business From Ikea Furniture, with Nick RayNick Ray, founder of ModerNash, specializes in the distribution of Ikea products and offers other services including delivery, installation, and home design. In this episode, Nick shares how he created ModerNash, the practical logistics of his business, and the story of ModerNash’s humble beginnings.

Career Tools

Career Tools is a podcast from an American management and training consulting firm. It focuses on practical advice on career decision making, job searching, applications, and professional development.

The advice is quite American-centric but largely relevant to the Australian labour market and workplace culture.

Recent episodes include:

  • The Experience ConundrumYou need experience to get a job but you need a job to get experience? Many of us think back to the beginning of our careers and remember those days, but it’s possible to get into the same trap when changing careers or even wanting a promotion.
  • Informational InterviewsInformational interviews are are a method of getting more information about working in that area when you’re thinking about going into that industry, company or role.
  • How To Analyze Your Job Search – Interviews But No OffersUsing the Job Search Tracking Sheet that we have recommended previously you will be able to see exactly where your search is getting stuck.